Library List

Call NoAuthorTitleClass
Call NoAuthorTitleClass
BOND.010   Bond collection issue No.14 Patterns for Bond knitters Bond
BOND.020   Bond classic & elite - Luxury mohair collection Bond
BOND.030   BOND Knits for Children Bond
BRO.010 Bennett, Diane Garter carriage Brother
BRO.020 Bennett, Diane Double bed colour changer Brother
BRO.030 Bennett, Diane Use your ribber Brother
BRO.040 Schneider, Joyce Traditional pattern for G-Carriage knitting vol. 1 Brother
BRO.050 Kinder, Kathleen Electronic knitting : an introduction for Brother and Knitmaster knitters Brother/Singer
BRO.060 Brooks, Sara Garment shaping electronically : bust darts, necklines, shoulder slopes, sleeve saps automatically Brother
BRO.070 Sheard, Stephen Rowan/Brother designer machine knitting book Brother
BRO.075   Brother fashion vol. 5 - special Knitleader section Brother
BRO.080   Brother fashion vol. 8 Brother
BRO.090   Brother service manual for knitting machine punch card models KH 830, KHC 820, KR 830, KRC 830 KL 116 Brother
BRO.100   Electroknit patterns cards (vol.2 lace patterns) cards no. 201-210 Brother
BRO.110   Electroknit patterns for the 910 machine (set of 4 books) Brother
BRO.120   Instruction book for Brother KH 830 Brother
BRO.130   Instruction manual for KH 260 Brother
BRO.140   Instruction manual for KR 260 Brother
BRO.150   Instruction manual for ribber attachment Brother
BRO.155   Machine knitting fashion - no.8, 46 items to knit (1990) Brother
BRO.160   Knitking magazines Vol.16 No.6 (1981) Brother
BRO.170   Knitking magazines Vol.17 No.3 (1982) Brother
BRO.180   Knitting techniques book : Brother Brother
BRO.190   Ribber techniques book : Brother Brother
BRO.200   Lets start machine knitting (Part 1) with 5 paper patterns (Part 2 A-E) Brother
BRO.210   Pattern book for automatic knitting carriage : G-carriage Brother
BRO.220   Punchcard pattern vol. 4 Brother
BRO.230 Jarvis, Beryl Learning to love your Brother KH970 Brother
BRO.240   Adelaide electroknit newsletters (July 85 - July 86) Brother
BRO.250 Cater, Elaine & Nelson, Caroline N. Simply garter stitch (KG 93, KH 910, 950, 965) Brother
BRO.260 Cater, Elaine A skirt collection for Garter carriage(KG88, 93, 95) Brother
BRO.270 Waterhouse Phyllis Fisherman gansey's : garter carriage patterns Brother
BRO.280 Cater, Elaine & Nelson, Caroline N. A Treasury of garter stitch patterns Brother
BRO.290 Kidwell, Renda Using the G-carriage : fancy ribs Brother
BRO.295 Metcalf, Eileen Design for the Brother Garter Carriage Brother
BRO.300   Stitch World Pattern Book 2 Brother
BRO.301   Stitch World Extras Brother
BRO.305   Bulky Stitch Patterns Brother
BRO.310   Lace Patterns 3 Brother
BRO.320 Danis The "Romanovs" Fairisle for use on 940-965i-970 machines Brother
BRO.330 Gaskin, Shirley Diagonal Variation Programs on the KH910 Brother
BRO.340 Brother Electroknit KH910 Manual for Teaching Brother
COR.10   Corona CHR 200 ribbing attachment Corona
EMP.10   Empisal Computamatic KH 680L instruction manual Empisal
EMP.11   Empisal push button pattern supplement (2 copies) Empisal
EMP.12   Empisal ribber pattern book Empisal
EMP.13   One hour guide to instant knitting Empisal
EMP.14   Empisal punchcard patterns Empisal
EMP.15   Empisal companion for home knitters Empisal
EMP.16   Empisal international knitwear collection : book 7 Empisal
EMP.17   Empisal compumatic KH 610 instruction manual Empisal
EMP.18   Empisal Supermatic BP8 / KH68 Empisal
EMP.19   Empisal Supermatic KH880 Empisal
EMP.20   Empisal ribber KR 70 Empisal
EMP.21   Empisal ribber KR 70A Empisal
EMP.22   Empisal Knitting Patterns Empisal
EMP.23   Jumpers and Cardigans Raglan Sleeves 8 ply Empisal
EMP.24   Empisal International Knitwear collection : Book No. AU4 Empisal
EMP.25   Empisal International Knitwear collection : Book No. AU5 Empisal
EMP.26   Jones Knitting Patterns Empisal
EMP.27   Empisal Computamatic Instruction Book Model : KH91 Empisal
EMP.28   Empisal KR 90 Ribber Empisal
EMP.29   Empisal Knit'n'Weave Push button Pattern supplement Empisal
EMP.30   Empisal Stitch Pattern Book Empisal
LEM.10   Lemair Helvitia KE-1200 instruction book Lemair
LEM.20   Lemair Helvitia ribber instruction book model KR-11 Lemair
MAT.010   Matador manual, Speedmatic & Princess Instruction Book Matador
PAS.010 Van Der Merwe, Amanda Raglan sleeve jersey stocking stitch 3 & ply : book 1 Passap
PAS.020 Van Der Merwe, Amanda Raglan sleeve jerseyknit/knit & longstitch 3 ply : book 2 Passap
PAS.030 Van Der Merwe, Amanda Set in sleeve jersey stocking stitch 3 & 4 ply : book 3 Passap
PAS.040 Van Der Merwe, Amanda Set in sleeve jersey knit/knit & longstitch 3 ply : book 4 Passap
PAS.050 Van Der Merwe, Amanda Pullovers knit/knit & longstitch 3 ply : book 5 Passap
PAS.060 Van Der Merwe, Amanda Block jersey stocking stitch 3 & 4 ply : book 6 Passap
PAS.070 Van Der Merwe, Amanda Sideways block jersey stocking stitch 3 & 4 ply : book 7 Passap
PAS.080 Bishop, Iris Iris Bishop's 40 stitch special : for Pfaff and Passap Passap
PAS.090 Kinder, Kathleen Passap system: knitting & pattern techniques vol.1 : for Duomatic and E6000 Passap
PAS.095 Kinder, Kathleen Passap E6000 card reader & jacquard techniques Passap
PAS.100 Kinder, Kathleen Passap Duomatic Deco and Forma :patterns and comments for all Duomatics Passap
PAS.105   Passap Deco punch card patterns 101-330 Passap
PAS.110 Weaver, Mary Duomatic knitting Passap
PAS.120   ABC perfect knitting pattern, pocket, collars, hints Passap
PAS.130   Form Computer II : basic raglan sweaters Passap
PAS.140   Passap baby international Passap
PAS.150   Duomatic Passap : basic fisherman rib cardigan & sweaters Passap
PAS.160   Passap basic stocking stitch cardigan & sweaters Passap
PAS.170   Passap 120 stitch pattern Passap
PAS.180   Passap stitch pattern book no 2 Passap
PAS.190   Passap international model book no.10 (2 parts) Passap
PAS.200   Passap international model book no.12 (2 parts) Passap
PAS.210   Passap international model book no.13 Passap
PAS.220   Passap international model book no.14 Passap
PAS.230   Passap international model book no.15 (2 parts) Passap
PAS.240   Passap international model book no.17 Passap
PAS.250   Passap international model book no.18 Passap
PAS.260   Passap international model book no.19 Passap
PAS.270   Passap international model book no.20 Passap
PAS.280 Coward, H. & P. Passap/PFAFF E6000 book one : ten large picture knit Passap
PAS.290   PFAFF Rowan Designer Knitwear Collection Passap
SEM.010   MKAV Arrabri Lodge country weekend : July 23rd - 25th 1999 Universal
SEM.020   Arrabri residential weekend Warburton : May 25th - 27th 2001 Universal
SEM.030   Adelaide Machine Knitting Seminar 1983 Universal
SEM.040   Kniterama '96 : presented by New South Wales Knitter's Association 14th - 15th September 1996 Universal
SEM.041   New South Wales Machine Knitters Association 1986 Seminar  
SEM.050   Westknit 2000 Seminar M.K.A. Western Australia Universal
SEM.051   Warragul Machine Knitters Workshop 1997 Universal
SEM.060   Photo Album - Seminar 1992 Universal
SEM.070   MKAV seminar book 1986 Universal
SEM.080   MKAV seminar book 1988 Universal
SEM.090   MKAV seminar book 1990 Universal
SEM.100   MKAV seminar book 1992 Universal
SEM.110   MKAV seminar book 1994 Universal
SEM.120   MKAV seminar book 1996 Universal
SEM.130   MKAV seminar book 1998 Universal
SEM.140   MKAV seminar book 2000 Universal
SEM.150   MKAV seminar book 2002 Universal
SEM.160   MKAV seminar book 2004 Universal
SEM.170   MKAV seminar book 2006 Universal
SEM.180   MKAV seminar book 2009 Universal
SEM.190   Queensland Machine Knitting Seminar June 1985 Universal
SEM.191   Queensland Machine Knitters Seminar August 1990 Universal
SEM.200   Westknit 2010 Machine Knitting Seminar presented by M.K.A. Of WA Universal
SEM.210   MKAV seminar book 2011 Universal
SEM.220   MKAV seminar book 2013 Universal
SING.010 Coulson, Patricia Knitter's guide to the Knit Radar Singer
SING.020   Instructions for Knit Radar Singer
SING.030   Easy pattern & designing for knitting Singer
SING.040 Singer Instruction book Memo-matic [321] (2 copies) Singer
SING.041   Instructions ribber attachment 321 Singer
SING.050   Memomatic Instruction Book 322-323 Singer
SING.060   Instruction book Memo-matic 326 Singer
SING.070   Instruction book for ribber attachment [for models 321,322,323,(325)] Singer
SING.080   Instructions for using Singer knitting machine model 888 (3 copies) + Instructions for using Singer ribbing attachment (filed in plastic pouch Singer
SING.090   Instructions Singer knitting machine Cardmatic 313 Singer
SING.100   Singer instruction book ribber attachment for R 312,313 Singer
SING.110   Instructions for using Singer ribbing attatchment [555] Singer
SING.120   Fairisle book : Knitmaster 4 Ply (Singer standard gauge punchcard machines) Singer
SING.130   Singer Memo-matic operation manual, Mod. 360/260 Singer
SING.140   Singer knitting book Singer
SING.141   How to Knit Garments Singer
SING.142   Guide to Knitting Techniques Singer
SING.150   Boucle book Singer
SING.180   Singer Memo-matic : how to do manual Singer
SING.181   How to do Manual for Memo - Matic Punchcard Knitting Machines Singer
SING.190   Instructions for using Singer knitting machine model 200D + [instructions for ribber] ( filed in plastic pouch) Singer
SING.200   Electronic Knitting Machine Model 500 Singer
SING.210   Instructions for using Singer knitting machine model 666 + [instructions for ribber] (filed in plastic pouch) Singer
SING.211   Instructions for using Singer Knitting Machine model 666 Singer
SING.220   Instruction Book for Singer Models 327 & 329 Singer
SING.230 Knitmaster The Suit Book Singer
UNI.005 Blatt, Anny Anny Blatt collection couture no.69 1984 Universal
UNI.010 Hutchinson, Alles Garter bar Universal
UNI.019 Palmer, Audrey Create with knit-weave : Audrey Palmer's complete teaching notes Universal
UNI.020 Palmer, Audrey Linked edgings and finishings Universal
UNI.030 Abbott, Betty A Collection of machine knitting skirts - 1979 Universal
UNI.031 Abbott, Betty Match Mates Machine Knitted Collection Universal
UNI.032 Abbott, Betty A Collection of machine knitted Tops Universal
UNI.040 Bailey, Betty Machine knitters guide to the ribber Universal
UNI.044 Chambers, Carol Learn to machine knit 1989 no 1 :featuring fair isle Universal
UNI.045 Chambers, Carol Learn to machine knit 1990 no. 2 : featuring tuck Universal
UNI.046 Chambers, Carol Learn to machine knit 1990 no. 3 - featuring slip stitch Universal
UNI.047 Chambers, Carol Learn to machine knit 1990 no. 4 - featuring transfer lace Universal
UNI.048 Chambers, Carol Learn to machine knit 1990 no. 5 - featuring weaving Universal
UNI.049 Chambers, Carol Learn to machine knit 1990 no. 6 - featuring single motifs, plating, charting devices Universal
UNI.050 Chambers, Carol Learn to machine knit with the ribber 1991 no. 1 Universal
UNI.060 Chambers, Carol Learn to machine knit with the ribber 1991 no. 2 Universal
UNI.070 Chambers, Carol Learn to machine knit with the ribber 1991 no. 3 Universal
UNI.080 Chambers, Carol Learn to machine knit with the ribber 1991 no. 4 Universal
UNI.090 Chambers, Carol Learn to machine knit with the ribber 1991 no. 5 Universal
UNI.100 Chambers, Carol Learn to machine knit with the ribber 1991 no. 6 Universal
UNI.105 Eames, Christine Machine knitted babywear Universal
UNI.110 Musk, Denise Machine knitting technique of pattern card design Universal
UNI.120 Musk, Denise Machine knitting technique of slip stitch Universal
UNI.130 Musk, Denise Sideways knitted skirts Universal
UNI.140 Bennett, Diane Double bed fabrics for all Japanese machines with ribber Universal
UNI.150 Bennett, Diane Picture display of garment Universal
UNI.160 Bennett, Diane Designaknit for windows user's guide : Designaknit version 6 or 7 Universal
UNI.170 Bennett, Diane Designaknit a sweater (using Designaknit 6 Or 7 Prof. or Standard) Universal
UNI.171 Bennett, Diane Designer Knit Version 7 for DK6 owners) Universal
UNI.173 Payne, Doris Adventures with stocking stitch : book 1 Universal
UNI.174 Payne, Doris Adventures with patchwork & modules : book 2 Universal
UNI.175 Payne, Doris "Adventures" with simple shapes : book 3 Universal
UNI.178 Kennett, Frances Exclusively yours : fashion knits from the world's top designers Universal
UNI.180 Hostler, G & Brandretti, G Wit knits : lively & original handknits Universal
UNI.190 Smith, G & Okamoto, H Knitting pattern drafting by charts for knitting machines and handknitting Universal
UNI.210 Hostler, George Fun knits for kids Universal
UNI.220 Graeme, Hazel Hazel Graeme book of machine and hand knitwear Universal
UNI.230 Ratcliffe, Hazel Knitting machine digest tiny treasures : issue 12, 1982 Universal
UNI.235 Ratcliffe, Hazel Pan book of machine knitting Universal
UNI.236 Ratcliffe, Hazel The Knitting Machine Book Universal
UNI.240 Bishop, Iris Animal textures Universal
UNI.250 Bishop, Iris Art of painting knitted fabrics Universal
UNI.260 Bishop, Iris Fairisle pot-pourri Universal
UNI.270 Bishop, Iris Woodland collection Universal
UNI.280 Bishop, Iris Borders and yokes collection Universal
UNI.281 Bishop, Iris Around the World Universal
UNI.282 Bishop, Iris Countryside Celebration Universal
UNI.283 Bishop, Iris Spring-Summer Collection Universal
UNI.284 Bishop, Iris Autumn-Winter Collection Universal
UNI.285 Bishop, Iris Iris Bishop's Helix Sweater Universal
UNI.290 Nelson, Joanna Unravel the mysteries of machine knitting Universal
UNI.300 Nelson, Joanna More mysteries of machine knitting unravelled Universal
UNI.310 Nelson, Joanna Ribber mysteries unraveled Universal
UNI.320 Davis, Johanna Machine knitting to suit your baby Universal
UNI.321 Davis, Johanna Machine knitting to suit your need Universal
UNI.330 Allen, John Machine knitting book : how to design and create beautiful garments on your knitting machine Universal
UNI.340 Allen, John Treasury of machine knitting stitches Universal
UNI.350 Blakeman, John Double jacquard : getting to grips with double jacquard on Brother and Silver Reed machines Universal
UNI.360 Schneider, Joyce A. Fairisle yokes Universal
UNI.370 Schneider, Joyce A. Yoke sweaters the easy way Universal
UNI.375 Schneider, Joyce A. Very Victorian Universal
UNI.380 Dunsire-Jones, Joyce Rug knit Universal
UNI.390 Dunsire-Jones, Joyce Rug knit toys Universal
UNI.395 Dunsire-Jones, Joyce Alternative ways Universal
UNI.400 Gillard, Judith Baby's first wardrobe one step at a time : the first 6 months Universal
UNI.420 Fasset, Kaffe Glorious knitting [hand knitting] Universal
UNI.430 Armitage, Kate Card 1 Universal
UNI.440 Armitage, Kate Card 3 Universal
UNI.449 Kinder, Kathleen Resource book pattern supplement : garment design for machine knitters Universal
UNI.450 Kinder, Kathleen Machine knitting : the technique of knitweave Universal
UNI.455 Kinder, Kathleen Techniques in machine knitting Universal
UNI.459 Kinder, Kathleen A Resource Book for Machine Knitters Universal
UNI.460 Kinder, Kathleen Second resource book for machine knitters Universal
UNI.461 Kinder, Kathleen Mosaic floatless fair-isle (20 and 40 stitch) : over 50 patterns for Duomatic Decos and electronic knitting machines with single or double bed changers Universal
UNI.465 Martensson, Kerstin It's so easy to sew knit and stretch fabric Universal
UNI.470 Judd, Laurl That extra dimension : D'vine D'sign 4 Universal
UNI.480 Judd, Laurl Cord magic : D'vine D'sign 3 Universal
UNI.490 Judd, Laurl Knit a pocket or 2 Universal
UNI.500 Judd, Laurl Simply neckline Universal
UNI.510 Lockheed, Lee Embroiderer's book of designs Universal
UNI.520 Schuster, Linda Factory fashions : designer pants & jumpsuits vol.1 Universal
UNI.530 Schuster, Linda Factory fashions : cruise collection vol.1 Universal
UNI.531 Schuster, Linda Cats of Many Faces Universal
UNI.540 Langridge, Lita Flower fantasies Universal
UNI.541 Langridge, Lita Inspiration for intarsia Universal
UNI.545 Langridge, Lita Twists, twirls and cables galore Universal
UNI.550 Gemmell, Liz Aussie fair ; simple fair isle knitting with Australian motifs [hand knitting] Universal
UNI.551 Gemmell, Liz Wooly Jumpers : 21 easy to knit Australian designs [hand knitting] Universal
UNI.560 Miles, Maggie Australian knits for all seasons Universal
UNI.570 Davis, Mary Quick thick machine knits Universal
UNI.580 Norman, Mary Electric rainbow : 4th in the 930 series Universal
UNI.590 Weaver, Mary Japanese for machine knitting Universal
UNI.600 Weaver, Mary Machine knitted skirts Universal
UNI.610 Weaver, Mary Machine knitting technology & patterns Universal
UNI.620 Weaver, Mary Ribber attachment : part 1 Universal
UNI.630 Weaver, Mary Ribber attachment : part 2 Universal
UNI.640 Griffiths, Melody Best of woman fashion knitting Universal
UNI.650 Crabbe, Merrilyn Circular yokes for machine knitters Universal
UNI.655 MKN Publication Gloves galore Universal
UNI.660 MKN Publication A Manual of machine knitting know how Universal
UNI.670 MKN Publication Lace and openwork techniques - MKN Publication no.1/1992 Universal
UNI.680 MKN Publication Collections vol.1 no.1- MKN Publication featuring the classics Universal
UNI.682 MKN Collection Designer Clothes Vol.2. No.2. Universal
UNI.683 MKN Collection European Collection - 21 Stunning Designs Universal
UNI.684 MKN Collection Collection No.9 1989 - Children's Collection Universal
UNI.685 MKN Collection Spinner's Collection featuring Bramwell. MKN No. 8 1991 Universal
UNI.690 MKN Publication Collections vol.1 no.5 - MLN Publication featuring stitch know how Universal
UNI.691 Miklin, Nina A. Knit to finish no.1 : necklines Universal
UNI.692 Miklin, Nina A. Knit to finish no.2 : neckbands and collars Universal
UNI.693 Miklin, Nina A. Knit to finish no.3 : the classic shoulder line with set-in sleeves Universal
UNI.695 Macdonald, P.F. Knitting and designing for hand spun [hand knitting] Universal
UNI.700 Hampton, Pat Blocking for machine knitters Universal
UNI.710 Coulson, Patricia Machine maintenance : including accessory maintenance Universal
UNI.715 Whitfield, Patricia Keyto pattern book no. 2 Universal
UNI.720 Frost, Regine Design with knit Universal
UNI.730 Mundstock, Ricki Magic cable : Tiffany collection Universal
UNI.731 Mundstock, Ricki Magic cable sweaters : patchwork cardigans Universal
UNI.732 Mundstock, Ricki Magic cable sweaters : bulky collection 2 Universal
UNI.733 Mundstock, Ricki The Magic Cable Bulky Collection Universal
UNI.734 Mundstock, Ricki Magic Candy Cane Cables Universal
UNI.735 Mundstock, Ricki The Magic Cable Children's Collection Universal
UNI.736 Mundstock, Ricki The Magic Cable V-Necks Universal
UNI.737 Mundstock, Ricki The Magic Cable Sweater Universal
UNI.738 Mundstock, Ricki The Magic Tuck Sweater Universal
UNI.739 Mundstock, Ricki The Magic Pair of Diamonds Universal
UNI.740 Elliott, Sally-Anne Creative machine knitting Universal
UNI.750 Brooks, Sara Circular yokes Universal
UNI.760 Gaskin, Shirley Hints ideas & maintenance for machine knitters Universal
UNI.762 Gaskin, Shirley Diagonal Variation Programs on the KH910 Universal
UNI.770 Guagliumi, Susan Hand manipulated stitches for machine knitters Universal
UNI.771 Guagliumi, Susan More Hand Manipulated Stitches for Machine Knitters Universal
UNI.772 Guagliumi, Susan Hand Knits by Machine Universal
UNI.780 Lewis, Susanna Machine knitters guide to creating fabrics Universal
UNI.790 Welch, Pat ed. Selected patterns from Swifter knitter : circular 1982-1983 Universal
UNI.791 Wynn, Sylvia Creating made to measure knitwear Universal
UNI.795 Carter, Valerie Machine knits Universal
UNI.800 Keegan, Vanessa Machine knitting book Universal
UNI.810 Thurstan Violetta Use of vegetable dyes Universal
UNI.820   Woman's Day family knitting 1986 Universal
UNI.822   Ancient Mexico + Taste of Africa - 2 Supplements Universal
UNI.824   Bonnie's machine knit collection : 1986 Universal
UNI.826   Bramwell fashions book 2 Universal
UNI.827   Bramwell Family Tuckstitch Designs Universal
UNI.828 Machine Knit Today Terrific Trims Universal
UNI.829   Bramwell's Creative Designs Universal
UNI.830   Cast on time : year book no. 7 Universal
UNI.840   Colourful knitwear design from threads : June '94 Universal
UNI.844 Argyll Fashion Machine Knitting Book Universal
UNI.846 Riverhart 20 His and Her Patterns Universal
UNI.850 Designer knitwear collection [hand knitting] Universal
UNI.860   In-Ex 'A' line skirt book Universal
UNI.870   Collection of intarsia patterns Universal
UNI.880   Knitting with beads Universal
UNI.881   Machine knit America vol. 2, no. 5 Universal
UNI.883   Machine Knitting CHIC - 30 Dream Jumpers Universal
UNI.888 Bennett, Diane Nathalie : 37 patterns for knitting machines [Superba] Universal
UNI.890   Put your foot in it : socks pattern Universal
UNI.895   Studley designer collection book 4, + (2 leaflets 2547, 2548) Universal
UNI.900 Dodson, Judy Super machine knits Universal
UNI.910   Harmony guide to machine knitting stitches Universal
UNI.920   Harmony guide to colourful machine knitting Universal
UNI.930 Brown, Ann Posh frocks :suit collection Universal
UNI.931 Brown, Ann Posh frocks : the skirt collection Universal
UNI.932 Brown Ann Posh frocks : the top collection take 2 Universal
UNI.933 Brown, Ann Posh Frocks Universal
UNI.940 White/Kamperman/Reilly Aussie originals : creative & colourful handknits Universal
UNI.950 Oxton, Jill Australia's flora & fauna cross stich & tapestry Universal
UNI.960 Turbett, Pam The Techniques of cut & sew techniques Universal
UNI.970 Fassett, K. & Hunt, Z. Family album : hand knitting for children & adults Universal
UNI.980 Fassett, Kaffe Kaffe's classics : hand knitting Universal
UNI.990 Bishop, Iris Iris Bishop's knit weave skirt (1989) and Iris Bishop's double bed classics (1996) [2 publications in one folder] Universal
UNI1.000 Gordon, Angela N. Super tips plus Universal
UNI1.010 Gordon, Angela N. Machine knitting tutor : for all single bed machines Universal
UNI1.020 Poulter, Bea Designing for the knitting machine Universal
UNI1.030 Thomson, Erica Pressing matters Universal
UNI1.040 Arklay, Kate Finishing techniques : hints and tips on achieving the perfect finish, plus techniques on elasticated bands, draw string bands, decorative finish and neck bands Universal
UNI1.050 Arklay, Kate Better bands: single bed bands welts and cuffs Universal
UNI1.060 Pope, Hazel Machine knitters design book Universal
UNI1.070 Taylor, Carol Encyclopedia of machine knitting Universal
UNI1.071 Taylor, Carol 3,276 Machine knitting pattern : produced by Carol Taylor for Toyota Universal
UNI1.080   World of alpacas directory 2006 Universal
UNI1.081   Wool pages : sheep & wool directory 2008 Universal
UNI1.090 Palmer, Marilyn Framework Knitting Universal
UNI1.100 Lutz, Althea Weaving with Althea Lutz Universal
UNI1.110 Teilier-Loumagna, F the art of knitting inspirational stitches, textures an surfaces Universal
UNI1.120 Jane, Anthony Machine Knitting   A Practical Guide Universal
UNI1.121 Jane, Anthony Machine Knitting 2   More Creative Ideas Universal
UNI1.130 Beedles, Jo The Hobby Knop Collection   Book 1 Universal
UNI1.131 Beedles, Jo The Hobby Knob Collection   Book 2 Universal
UNI1.132 Beedles, Jo Punchcard Picture Knitting   Book 1 Universal
UNI1.140 Murray, Felicity Design Your Own Machine Knitwwear Universal
UNI1.150 Stitt,   Gerda Ladies 2 piece dress with variations Universal
UNI1.160 Swanson, Joan A Knit Monograms Plus for Machine Knitters Universal
UNI1.170 Raymond, Jodie Signature Hats and Caps Universal
UNI1.180 Phillips, Wendy Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales - 14 All time favourites for 24stitch punchcard and electronic machines Universal
UNI1.181 Phillips, Wendy Country Scene   Electronic Universal
UNI1.182 Phillips, Wendy Alphabet Zoo Universal
UNI1.183 Phillips, Wendy Cars, Trucks, Trains, Boats and Planes Universal
UNI1.190 Mundstock, Ricki The Magic Cables 'n Bits Sweater Universal
UNI1.191 Mundstock, Ricki The Magic Aran # 1 Sweater (Electronic) Universal
UNI1.192 Mundstock, Ricki The Magic Aran # 2 Sweater (Electronic) Universal
UNI1.193 Mundstock, Ricki The Magic Aran # 3 Sweater (Electronic) Universal
UNI1.194 Mundstock, Ricki The Magic Aran # 4 Sweater (Electronic) Universal
UNI1.195 Mundstock, Ricki Magic Cable Discs Universal
UNI1.196 Mundstock, Ricki Magic Cable Sweaters ELECTRONIC SAMPLER Universal
UNI1.200 Boyd, Carl Electronic collection Book 1. Universal
UNI1.201 Boyd, Carl Carl Boyd Collection - Design Nos. 1 - 61 (with Disc) Universal
UNI1.210 Nelson, Belinda Learn Jacquard Part 1. Universal
UNI1.211 Nelson, Belinda Machine Knits for Little Rascals Universal
UNI1.220 Reed, June More Fun Machine Knitting Universal
UNI1.230 Baker, Caroline BENETTON Color Style File Universal
UNI1.240 Lorant, Tessa The Batesford Book of Hand and Machine Knitting Universal
UNI1.241 Lorant, Tessa The Batesford Book of Hand and Machine Knitted Laces Universal
UNI1.250 Oger, Mary Anne 50 Ways to love your knitter - A Collection of Bands, Edges, trims, starts etc. Universal
UNI1.260 Hoxobro, Vivian Shadow Knitting Universal
UNI1.270 Dair, Teresa I Knitted My Way Universal
UNI1.280 Dunshire Jones, Joyce Simply Braids Universal
UNI1.290 Nicholas, Kristan Knitting Beautiful Classics Universal
UNI1.291 Kagan, Sasha Sasha Kagan's Big and Little Sweaters Universal
UNI1.292 Coss, Melinda Cat Knits Universal
UNI1.293 Herring, Ruth & Manders, Karen Knitting Masterpieces Universal
UNI1.300 Guyot, Helga The Concise Machine Knitting Book Universal
UNI1.310 Frandor Cot Quilt and Bumper Set Universal
UNI1.320 Bayes, Anne Lace disc - Panels and all Over Patterns Universal
UNI1.330   Denys Brunton Designs. Pattern Book 20 Universal
UNI1.340 Rubery, Rita Made to Measure Knitware Universal
UNI1.350   Pattern LIbrary for Punch card Knitters No. 1 Universal
UNI1.351   Pattern LIbrary for Punch card Knitters No. 2 Universal
UNI1.360   Chunky Card Patterns Universal
UNI1.365   LECLE Pattern Book Universal
UNI1.370   Knitting Pattern Drafting by Charts for Knitting Machine & Hand Knitting Universal
UNI1.380 Selzer, Hazel Mae Fashions for the Mother Goose Set Universal
UNI1.385   Knitting Baby & Beyond (hand knits) Universal
UNI1.390 Moreno, Jillian & Singer, Amy R. Big Girl Knits Universal
UNI1.392 Shroyer, Lisa Knitting Plus Universal
UNI1.400 Hazel, Sarah & King, Emma Exploring Colour in Knitting Universal
UNI1.401   PANTONE - 35 Inspirational Colour Pallettes Universal

Video List

Call NoTitleInstructor
Call NoTitleInstructor
DVD 1 Brother Ribbers Volume 1 Understanding the Ribber Kamalini Trentham
DVD 2 Brother Ribbers Volume 2 A Creative Approach Kamalini Trentham
DVD 3 Brother Ribbers Volume 3 Fun With Colours Kamalini Trentham
VCT 4 Holding Position & Partial Knitting Made Easy Kamalini Trentham
VCT 5 Garter Bar & Waste Knitting Applications Kamalini Trentham
DVD 6 Knit Steam and Cut An Easy Approach to Shaping Kamalini Trentham
DVD 7 The Hague Linker Diane Bennett
DVD 8 Beryl's Mock V Beryl Jarvis
DVD 9 Skirts A to Z Marlene Cuniberti
VCT 10 Jacquard Techniques Veronica Gerber
DVD 11 The Complete Buttonhole Veronica Gerber
DVD 12 The Classic Pocket Veronica Gerber
DVD 13 Collar Collection Barbara Stubbs
DVD 14 Perfect Pockets Barbara Stubbs
DVD 15 Discovering Necklines, Pockets, Buttonholes Carol Hocknell
DVD 16 Suit-able Sophistication Joan Richards
DVD 17 In-Ex Skirt Steaming
DVD 18 Instructional DVD (Standard guage machines Di Gibbs

Magazine List

Call NoTitleHoldingsYearNotes
Call NoTitleHoldingsYearNotes
AMK Australian machine knitters magazine v.1-10 (1981-1990)
CAM Cam-a-lot : Australian Machine Knitters Quarterly May/July 1988 May/July 1988 1 issue only
DMK N.S.W. delegates magazine (issue no.1 title variation The Delegate's magazine) no. 1-18 (1989-1994?) No. 1-15 complete holdings Anthea Lutz editor. Issues from no.16 missing title change to Downunder machine knitting